The Only Solution to Climate Change is Culture Change

10 million of these please photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash

The Absurdity of Exponential Growth

1Exponential Growth as Compared to Linear or Cubic Growth

But what about Decoupling?

EIA figure relating energy use and GDP

It all Comes Back to Energy

Global Total Energy Use 2018 (Source: Human Ambitions on A Finite Planet by Dr. Tom Murphy)
Discovery rate(blue) vs Usage(Red) for Conventional Oil. Since around 1985, we have consistently discovered less oil than we use.

What About Renewables?

So we can’t grow any more with fossil fuels without running into the twin problems of depletion and climate change. What about so called “renewable” electricity: wind, solar, hydropower, etc. While some renewable options are more useful than others, there are a host of problems that will make it difficult for any combination of these sources to take the slack from fossil fuels, and almost impossible to allow our continued growth. Lets go through them one-by-one.

Photo by Lukáš Lehotský on Unsplash
Photo by Hendrik Kuterman on Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash



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Deus ex Vita

Deus ex Vita

“To the contrary, that the very genes do not lose a miRNA that has not been brushed away by the finger of God.” Musings about biology, learning and literature